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Default Re: Springer front end

Originally Posted by Motoschwinn View Post
I was thinking about putting a springer on my Schwinn Point Beach. However, do I lose the front brake? I've seen some photos and I don't see any brakes installed...

Is it a hard conversion?
Hey, got a Moondog, but just did the conversion last week. I love it!! - if you can build a bike, you can do this conversion no problem.

here is the writeup I did for my bike - prob pretty similar to yours:

Springer front end:
The ride just became much more enjoyable knowing I can ride in comfort w/out having to stress out looking for and avoid the smallest little ripple in the road.
It really does work!
Pretty easy install compared to what I read it would be like.
I needed to fabricate a spacer to go between the top of the front fork adjustment nut and the bottom of the springer mount. - no biggie. c-pic
Drilled the front to attach the support bars for the front fender.-c-pic
Brake was a little tricky. Needed to take off the front support bars to fit them into the workable space.-c-pic
YOU WILL NEED TO USE NEW BRAKES. The KMC brakes have the welded gussets on each side of the fork. You will need to purchase side pull WIDE brakes. Make sure they will fit around the fender - many do not.

Regarding the spacer I mentioned, you may not need one if you know the measurement of the fork support tube. - I didn't. But, it needs to be perfect because the front fork locknut is closed on top so you can't thread it past the threading on the front fork. - lesson learned the hard way. Also take into consideration the thickness of the top of the springer mount on the fork.
I just measured mine, and it is just over a 1/4" or exactly 9/32" - so take that into consideration to the additional length the springer fork tube will need to be.

Not sure if the Point beach cruiser uses a gusseted fork or not, but all you need is a beach cruiser side pull brake or just something wide. BMX brakes WON'T work. A hole should already be in the fork to attach it with.
Just make sure you Loctite the adjustment bolt. Or if you have enough thread, add a Nyloc nut to the back end of the thread.

Difficulty factor to me, was way overblown. Can't beat the ride!!

Kruis'in Style,

Troy Fitz.

Couple pic's to show what I did: - hope they help!




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