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Default Re: To Paint or Powdercoat?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Some great information. Thanks all. Would like to ask what you folks think of this?

10-30 PSI Powder Coating System

Would be for forks, parts and frames.

Dan I have a Craftsman rig that almost identical to the HR unit and I use Eastman powders as HF only has like 4 colors and no clear coat and their quality is better. Make sure when setting up your oven to cure the parts in that it is electric and in a well ventilated area (not In the Kitchen) as some of the fumes produced can be ignited in a gas oven and are noxious.

The oven you use has to sustain 400 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 2 hours. A commercial oven is available through HF which is part number 46300-0vga for like $399 but a household oven will also work well and will actually hold more and larger parts.

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