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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Great to hear your up and running Allen, get 'er done!

Yesterday, (lol, always a day late and $2,fity short) Bought some washers and replaced missing strap bolt. One was sitting on the work bench like I planed on needing it. Gotta love when that happens. Found a Heim joint that will work for an upcoming build. (gonna be cool. Or a total failure. is an optional thing, snork)

Checked the oil (earl) thinned down amazingly fast. OH! Engine has a lil over 20 hrs and is still breaking in. Picked up about 500 RPM. I have been meaning to keep trac of temps, barometric pres. and other factors. But was pretty much a normal day and am sure it was just the extended break-in of the HFs. Really smooth and a pleasure to ride.
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