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Default Re: Low Budget Cruiser Build

Looks really cool!

Where did you get that engine mount?- looks like a good design!

I've been playing around with 700C on a build I'm just getting ready to finish-
I think you've found the optimum width with 38mm- not too wide, not too narrow-

How wide are your rims? are they Vee shaped? I have these narrow 3/4" road rims I'm not sure a tire this wide would fit. If the rims are an inch wide, I think 38 mm will fit and probably wider even.

I'm finding that actual width varies from tire to tire compared with what the tire is labled. I've found 700 C tires that actualy measure an inch wide when mounted labled as 25, 28, and even 32mm- when in actuality 25.4mm equals 1 inch.

So "caveat emptor" : Let the Buyer Beware!

Particularly ordering on the net. Usually 700 and 27" tires actually measure 1/8" more narrow on the rim than what they are labled- I was surprised that my 27 x 1 1/4" tires actually measure 1 1/8", and a 3/8" tire actually measures 1/4". On the other hand, 26" tires are usually the width they are labled. My 1.75 measure 1 3/4 exactly.

I don't know why. And 1/8" is about 3mm.

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