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Default Re: Micargi Huntington: learning experience.

Originally Posted by BDW View Post
Thanks for the info in your two posts about the huntington. I decided to go with the huntington as well, while it will not be elaborate as yours I like the look of the bike. I have started installing the engine and made a creative u-bolt situation for the front mount that may or may not stay.

Right now I am at the installing the sprocket and chain stage. It looks like you cut your fender which makes sense that will need to be done. I put the sprocket on with the rubber all inside the spokes. But it looks like the chain is going to rub on the tire just a little bit. Did you encounter this problem? Did you space the sprocket out some how?

What I did with the rear, BDW, was I purchased an adaptor from Pirate Cycles that bolts around the rear hub and the drive sprocket bolts to that. I slid the adaptor out farther to keep the chain from rubbing. (I trued the rear wheel before I did this.) Then I had the new problem of the coaster brake anchor-arm binding up on the drive sprocket. So I took it off, stuck it in a vice, and bent it to more of an "S" shape than it was before. Some company I encountered also sells spacers for just such a purpose.

And, yes, it was very necessary to cut a strip from my rear fender to let the chain pass.

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