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Default Re: On An Average Ride....

I guess Hammond lives in the Mecca of Motorbicycling: Tuscon.

I see others occassionally here in Jacksonville, sometimes even on a ride. I live in a second floor apartment on a fairly busy wide street with a bikelane, so I try to look out and see what's passing if I hear any scooter or motorized bicycle sounds.

I'm surprised after almost two years that there's not more, but people really are not that mechanically inclined these days, and judging from the "age poll" thread- where I was surprised to find a majority of people over 50 like myself.

the scooter thing has never really taken off- even here where it's fairly warm- because people don't want to or know how to maintain them. There's always a whole bunch of ads on Craigslist that say "Won't Start, I think it's the carburetor needs cleaning"
and that's right somewhat, but I've found with my own scooter that it simply loses it's prime in a few weeks and that spraying carb cleaner into the intake usually starts it right up-

so good scooter deals can be found especuially in the fall and winter, and I think in many cases, if it's "not running" the solution may be as simple as re-establishing the prime and getting fuel in the line.
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