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Default Re: It's Alive!

Originally Posted by Jstude View Post
Itís alive! Itís alive! The Moon Dog growls!
Well folks, after starting last Thursday, tearing down the bike, lubing all the bearings, fabricating fender brackets, motor mounts, gas tank brackets, and a ton of other modifications, I just straddled the bike at about 3m this afternoon, pedaled across the yard, popped out the clutch and the liíl beast sprung to life. After a few laps around the house and several stops to adjust the clutch cable, I took to the road for about a two mile shake down with my neighbor behind on his brothers 50cc store-bought scooter. The bike performed great!
Congrats on your successful build!!

I don't visit this site very often due to the limitations on pic downloads- (and I am a pic addict), but I pretty much wrote a complete tech manual on my build specific to only the Moondog.
Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on your build, but if you ever need any assistance, feel free to email or PM me. I would be glad to help.

Let's see a pic or two of that Bad Dog!!

Cool mod's to consider for a better ride:

better seat, I got a Schwinn comfort seat - love it!

2 in 1 brake lever - much easier control - less stress.

dual side kickstand - no more worries about the bike falling over due to weight displacement.

Kruis'in Style,

Troy Fitz.

Here's a couple pic's of mine for some other ideas to consider:



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