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Default Re: America's China Girl

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I remember them but haven't thought of them for a long time. I've looked at the photos and I'm trying to see how they drive. Biknut said they are "direct drive" do you mean friction drive? I don't see a chain or a driveshaft but I see something that looks like a friction roller just ahead of the rear tire.
They sort of remind me of the 125cc Harley Hummer. Now that's a bike I'd like to find and restore but the ones I've found are priced like gold, even the rust buckets.

Edit: Nevermind...I just found the big pully on the rear wheel, left side. So they were belt drive.
My eyes are tired...been Christmas shopping with the wife all day...sorry.
They do have belt drive 2door. There's a big pulley on the rear wheel driven by a centrifugal clutch.

They also have a belt driving, I guess a generator.
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