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Default Re: how loud is an HT from the cager's perspective?

abd that sux man, I can understand the anger when someone cuts you off. But there are people here that have been hit and/or ran over and they(broads in trucks) take off, so consider yourself lucky. Licensing is different state per state, some states don't even have any legislation for motorized bikes, Canada only has one province with an mto provision for 50cc/500kw bikes... Plus anyone up here has to be 16 and pimping bicycle laws, lights, mirror, bell, helmut etc...

So sorry to hear about your luck, but you probably aren't too legal, being 15 and all. When I was 15 I had to get my CanAm 250 dropped off at the trail edge, because even pushing it there would get me hassled...

Get new friends so their moms can't rat you out. Just don't run anyone over... But hey how many ppl in SUV's has that rule stopped, ha. Srsly, get new friends, and quit flipping people off, you aren't legal. When you are legal, fire your Glock in the air at all them dingbats...

Until then, I give you patience for Christmas. It will serve you well, when I was your age I used to steal junkers out of the local scrapyard and take them joyriding with my 'friends'... till they all ratted me out. I was 13 then, and it really opened my eyes.

I'm 33 now... and still don't really trust anyone. Everything is done with apprehension.

Just some advice from an old trouble-maker...

Have a good one.
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