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Default Re: how loud is an HT from the cager's perspective?

The thing: How would i register a bicycle? I have a real moped, i'm not messin with the whole enhanced inspection thing. I have a spare moped vin i can rivet onto a bike and get titled, but the officer is gonna know "Hey, wait a minute, that's not a vespa ciao!"

Before the incident, I blasted past several cops on my BMP bike (loud...) and rode through traffic once with an officer behind me. I ALWAYS use hand signals, drive in the right tire path of the car in front, and give cars the right of way. I try to make an example of other people that shouldn't have a liscense and make myself a better driver. I'll bet if i build a new bike, I wont get in trouble. I wish i could tell for sure if my friend's mom was speaking the truth, she is a corrupt woman.
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