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Default how loud is an HT bicycle engine from the cager's perspective?

Long story short, i flipped someone off, cops have a descrip of my bike,and SUPPOSEDLY (my friend's mom fabricates a lotta BS) my bike is illegal to be operated on the road, must be registered and have turn signals... TURN SIGNALS. I know thats not true.

So i want to ride again, and ill pedal at a moderate speed with the engine... how loud is a stock HT from a car? If I'm pedaling, will it be immediately obvious that i have an engine on my bike? I'm 15, i'm sick of being homebound here. If i reg my bike as a '74 vespa ciao I dont know what the cops would say... I KNOW they would pull me over.

I was stopped two nights in a row at 9 pm for riding my moped on my own property because they ''thought I might ride on the road'', and then they somehow traced my moped plate back to a red 4 dr sedan. Freakin seriously? Can't wait til i can show em my liscense, reg, and insurance info when they pull me over for NO reason.

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