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Default Re: To Paint or Powdercoat?

Originally Posted by Smoothe View Post
Howdy. I have a set of mostly aluminum suspension forks and I want them to be flat black, dark & dull just like me.

My LBS where I bought them from said to just scuff them up with some 50 grain sandpaper and spraypaint them, a little at a time.

I was also advised to have them powdercoated, which would probably look a lot better and cost a bit more. What do you guys think?
50 grit?? I wouldn't use anything less than 150 grit.

I think "powdercoat" is WAY overrated. Afterall, it is just paint, applied electroststicly, mainly to not have to deal with overspray and to save time.

On complicated and busy shapes, it's hard to get good even electrostatic coverage, like where a bunch of tubes meert on a bikeframe or cracks, may not get enough paint.

A good painter Knows to look for these places.

If you can do good prep work, degrease,prime, and use quality rattlecan paint, with the oval pattern spraynozzles ,the results can be VERY professional looking.

Wayne Z
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