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Default Re: I blew off 3 spandexers

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
A properly tuned two smoke will pass a emissions test and better than you think. There is documentation here on this forum..2 stroke emissions test - Google Search

While this could be argued for days. Properly tuned they are super duper and at 100 and more miles to the gallon well... I burnt less fuel today the alternative was a car or start peddling. Yes their are the electrics too.
i'm not saying they're the anti-christ, just not the environmental godsend some people think they are.

even fully electric vehicles aren't exactly green imo since people forget they have to produce the electricity they use from the outlet to charge their car.

in terms of the fuel economy though it can't be beat, so if we're not using much, we're not burning much, so we're not putting much into the air. but i think what a 2 stroke puts into the air is a bit worse then most 4 strokes, if they're burning more though, it probably evens out.

but maybe thats just me
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