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Default Re: I blew off 3 spandexers

What else is sad and not mentioned is that some of us can't afford to get around other wise and a motored bike is a god sent form for them liken to a miracle for the poor. Fuel economy and all. One day my knees might just finish wearing out. Plus these darn things are green. . Its always the few that ruin it for us all.

I mean I can still actively peddle and do always have. I can see both sides of the equitation. I don't need nor have ever had a spandex costume to do it. Just a good ol pair of jeans work pants that's how I get to work and arrive there. every time!

So its not just a motor I had run ins just peddling. While its fun to tease I see it going no where really.

To each their own can't we all just get along.
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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