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Cool Re: I blew off 3 spandexers

It all comes down to the proper time and place for these things.
As a lifetime bicycle mechanic who has assembled countless bikes for the "Spandexters" I will admit that these guys (Spandexters) are bike snobs.
It ticks them off sometimes when a 280 pound rider with a 50 pound bike blows past there trim skinny little butts and there 18 pound carbon fiber and titanium $4000 dollar + road wonders.
It falls to us to be mature about it.
Once a month, weather permitting, my riding buddy's get together and do a little run, along the way we usually encounter a few hard core spandexters. As I come up to pass I yell "on your left" and hit the horn. Some times they move over, some times they don't. If they don't move over (or worse move in front of you) I back off a little, and I just wait till the path widens enough to blast past them, on the horn....REMEMBER, we have engines, they do not, we know we are faster, let the technology speak for its self.
No smart mouth remarks like "get studded tires" are needed. This generates bad feelings among those who already seem to have issues, SO DONT DO IT!
Top speed for a human powered bike is approximately 45 mph (unless your Lance Armstrong) they cant keep that up long.
More than once I've had these guys come to me to build them a moto bike after wards.
Consideration for the other guy is always the wiser move.
Then when its the proper time and place...
well you know...he he he.
I once paced one idiot at speeds from 42 mph down to 38 then 35 then 30.... eventually he gave up. A few miles down the road at a rest stop this guy comes over to me and complains that I'm cheating and we aren't "real bicyclists" I laughed in his face and said... "maybe you should get a few more high buck low weight parts? or lighter spandex?"
And cheating who exactly?
Once he got a look at my size and the number of guys I had riding with me he shut up and went on his merry way, his confedance in his high buck low weight bike some what shaken.
Grow a thicker skin, your going to get stupid remarks from the spandexters, IGNORE THEM!
I just smile bigger, THAT REALLY ticks them off!
If all else fails... just be nice.

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