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Default Re: I blew off 3 spandexers

Originally Posted by buzbikebklyn1 View Post
Oh man.... this is a very sore subject around these parts. Lately, the cops are even stopping the food delivery guys on there little 350 watt 36v box bikes.
This type of occurrence really gives us all a black eye, and this was on a public trail? C'mon now.
I've spent a lot of time and money promoting our hobby, trying on at least the local level to have it seen as a good thing. Building special silencers for my 2 strokes, adding sound deadeners, wrapping expansion chambers, better brakes, lights/reflectors and making sure every one I ride with wears a helmet and obeys the rules of the road.
Can we keep the competition hi-jinx on a track?
I too try to promote MBs, but some people are going to be against us no matter what we do. There's no point trying to please these people. Mainly hard core spandexers.

You make some good points though. I think it's a good idea for us to keep our exhaust quite. We should be the ones that stop for stop signs. I always wear my 8 ball nutcase that I bought just for riding my MB. I give everyone the right of way. If they're walking I give them friendly bell greeting (jerks get angry bell).

I will ride the trails though, I paid for them.
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