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Default Re: Hey BIKEBERRY Thats my BIKE !!!!

Originally Posted by K-dregg View Post
Once you post a picture on the net it's like public property.. Any one can save it to their PC and use it as they wish and its impossible to stop them from doing it.. Watermarking them is good so people know where the pic is from but its still does'nt prevent them from using it.. As a general rule you shouldn't post pics that you wouldn't feel comfortable seeing again in a differnet circumstance or setting years from now..

Just my 2 cents..
In so very many ways I agree with you K-dregg...

It's just poor form for a business to use anyone's bikes but their own as it infers credit where it isn't due, a classic case of false advertising. So... it's not simply a matter of public domain, it's inherently accepting credit for someone else's work with the sole interest of profit whether deliberate or not. It'd be a different matter if they requested to use a pic from a known customer as it's their own products they're promoting, but instead it's grabbing the best looking result from an image search and basically saying "this is what we sell" - which could well be a complete untruth, "permission" or otherwise.

Is this commonplace, even acceptable in advertising? You bet. Is it all that important? Not really, the issue has been resolved w/no hard feelings. All this would be is yet another example of what you see in the ad is not what you're gonna get in the wrapper *shrug*
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