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Default Re: about to start my first worksman

Originally Posted by bairdco
Originally Posted by matthurd
for the common chinese kits are they a perfect fit for everything? i read that coaster break style hubs have trouble fitting the sprockets on sometimes, and since these things are supposed to be heavy duty, i'd imagine they're even bigger then most cheap coaster bike hubs.

and is mounting the motor itself generally not a problem, bolts right on nice n easy?


i built one worksman bike. i'm not a big fan of the frames. i mean, they're indestructable, but they look too industrial for me. i love the wheels, though.

the coaster brake is just a standard shimano CB-E110. the kit sprocket needs some modifying to fit. check out the "coaster brake dust cap mod" thread.

the frame itself has a few minor problems for mounting the motor. you need a smaller chainring. if you're getting the bike from worksman, you can order it with a 36 tooth. also, there's a chainguard bracket welded to the seat tube that you have to grind off.

this was a conversation i had with bairdco after having a conversation with someone else, edited out a few small irrelevant (to you at least) parts, but hopefully this gets you headed in the right direction (and hopefull bairdco doesn't mind me posting this although i don't see any reason why he would have a problem with it).

EDIT: oh and heres that thread

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