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Default reserve tanks

so i saw a V-8 gas tank in another thread here(a couple actually), which was cool because it was pretty small and mounted right underneath/behind the seat. problem was it seemed far to small to me, but seemed like it could hold enough to get you a decent distance just in case.

has anyone done this before (i'm betting someone has, but couldn't find anything when i searched)

i did find this thread though

anyways i my kit came with an inline fuel filter and a spare one (i think thats the name?) and it also had a valve, which im supposed to shut when the engines not in use to prevent fuel from dripping into the motor/carb.

so i'm wondering how reliable are these valves? one option i thought of was just keep that valve shut on the tin can tank, and move the fuel line if i ever had the need for it. never building a bike yet i'm not sure if the fuel lines get kinda gunked up n stuck to w/e they're initially used on. then i found that other thread about T valves which seemed like a better idea.

anyone got pictures of something like this thats been done? or ideas to make it better?
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