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Default Re: Heres what i've been workin on.....

The fork came from pirates, but its actually from micargi. I messed with it alot cutting an inch off the head tube, and about an inch and a half off the legs. I also cut off the bottom of the head tube where you would mount a light or reflector. I got a shim from the local bike shop so i can put a bmx stem on it thats 1 1/8 threadless, but micargi also makes 1 inch threadless stems for these forks you can also get from pirates, i just wanted something better looking! Im waiting for my bud to come visit during the holidays, hes bringing me some three inch rise bars that might look better than the ones i got. As for the Schwinn tank, I'd love for it to be an actual gas tank, but im not cutting or welding on this thing at all! If you know anything about vintage schwinns, you know these tanks are hard to find and dont come cheap! But i have some ideas on building my own tank, or running one on the bars so i can still put that one on there to hide the cdi. Im definetely motorizing this one now that ive stared at it long enough!!! Its just too cool to not! Im wanting to open the jet up some and try to break 55-60 on this bike, custom built exhaust, billet head from pirates, i got the new billet intake thats super short and looks great!!! Also gonna get one of those new billet, motor mounted chain tensioners i think "kip" built? Since ive pushed the wheel so far back.

I've also removed the head gasket and the washer on my spark plug for just a lil more compression, ill mess with fuel ratios and different oils in the future when shes running. Gonna take the cylinder and head back off and grind the paint off the edges of the fins, i think it'll look good!

My question for you guys is, what is the stock jet size on the GT5 speed carb? what size is the biggest you can run, and whats too big??? I NEED MORE POWER, top speed would be nice too! I know when i ride, that these motors arent performing to their full potential, seeing how those little RC car motors are rappin out at like 10,000rpm and not blowin up!! Theres got to be more out there than what we're seeing!!!!!!
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