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Wink Re: Florida Grandfather 1st time

Thanks for the so quick replys. Duh-h-h, when I read these posts, I put on my glasses and looked closely at the end of the plug wire and the boot cap. Sure enough, a tiny little screw thread. I just screwed the plug boot back on the end of the wire, and Zoomo! It still didn't start. So I came back on the forum and looked at some other problems like one I didn't feel right about, connecting the throttle linkage to the carb. Found another set of pictures that included that little step, (which was missing from the instructions at the link provided with my kit. Oh Happy Day, it cranked right up, I rode it around 10 blocks 5 times, and I am a happy camper!!! The kid will get an operable Christmas present! Thanks to all you folks, without whom I would still be banging my head on the floor over some very simple stuff.
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