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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Yesterday, (Sunday) Went looking for a warehouse to rent. Bunch of old factorys to be had.
Rode around the north end. Kinda depressing area but cheap and great place for a motorized bicycle factory/store/shop. Test rides and such. But got board and rode around downtown. Really cool. No traffic aside from some cabs and emergency trucks & cars. Really nice ride. Re-routed speedo cable and it works now. Tested against GPS and is spot on. Went back to blowbag muffler alone just for looks and funny. Engine needs to be hotter. Might remove some of the cooling fins. Heat shield is working in reverse and retaining heat which is good. Finalized plans in head for pusher using a 4HP (I can have 5 here) Lifan engine. $129 @ Home depot. Will start building oven to powdercoat frames, parts etc ASAP.
This is the best hobby ever!
worst apocalypse ever
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