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Default I rode with a spandexer today.

I decided to ride over to a bicycle trail today that's about 5 miles from my house. I get about a half mile from the entrance when I see a bicycle up ahead going my direction. I come zooming up on him like a fat girl at an all you can eat taco bar. just as I'm about to pass him I pull the clutch an kill it and start peddling.

I look over at him and ask what's up? He looks at my bike and asks what's that. I tell him it's my motor bicycle, and ask him where's his motor? He tells me he rides for exercise. So I ask him where's the bike trail? He says it's just up ahead and if I want to follow him he'll show me. Then he tell me, I don't think they allow motor vehicles on it. I ask him how's that different from here LOL.

So anyway we're peddling along and come to the entrance and start down the trail. He's on a racer, and we're going about 12 mph which is a pretty fast pace to peddle my beach cruiser. He looked to be about 30-35, and I'm 57.

So we've gone a couple miles by now at that pace and my face is starting to turn red and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. i think I forgot to take my pills today too. Finally I decide I've had enough and I tell him I'm going to have to rest. I think he had the impression I meant I was going to stop and rest because I started slowing down as I reached down to open my petcock. He started speeding up a little and said yeah he could understand, and he'll see me later and starts pulling ahead.


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