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Default Re: Engine starts, but dies when trying to Rev

Yes, I have done that before with sealed bearings. I guess laziness is getting the better of me. But I have new problems I am facing... I have just recently removed the carburetor from the jug because suspecting an air leak. Everytime I would put in extra power, the engine would just die and poof out a small, blue cloud of smoke from the air filter.

It turns out it wasn't just a newb-pet-cock-off mistake after-all and rather something more complicated. I have a picture of the 4 stroke carb+intake here -->

There was a fiber gasket that came with it-->.
Also a tube of permatex gasket sealant I am holding at the same time.

My questions are...

1.) Is this where a silicon gasket sealant is applied? (over the black, plastic intake port?)

2.) Should I just use either the silicon or the fiber or both? I want to just use the silicon gasket sealant by itself, as I feel using both the fiber+silicon would just introduce more vectors for air leak.

3.) I didn't do any air leak tests (such as turning the engine on and spraying carb cleaner around the mating regions). I simply went by instinct with this one, because the intake/jug mating region was the only thing I tampered with, while I installed a new air filter... So I'm suspecting that's our culprit giving the air leak. What are any other regions I should suspect??? Could you point them out to me with some kind of diagram, please?? as I am kind of lost with the jargon sometimes (i.e. "manifold," "jug," "intake," etc.)

Lastly, here's a profile of my new project (less the engine), sitting in a lonely, sunday morning light.

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it!

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