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Default Re: mnt bike vs cruiser...

Sorry to hear about the bike being stolen.

Some coward stole my 12 volt sealed lead acid battery today while I had my back turned for only 10 minutes. Glad I had the bike cabled-up.

We all learn from our mistakes.

Then, to top it all off, my rear tire went flat (1/8 inch cut). I had to bother my wife (who is sick) to rescue me from 5 miles away. When I got the bike home, I discovered that it would have been an easy over the road fix with a patch kit and a portable pump. So, I picked-up the patches tonight, and intend to carry them with me in my poratble tool kit. I'll try a mock daylight wheel repair in my backyard with only my portable tools.

Lessons learned: #1) always remove battery, even if gone for only 5 minutes. #2) Patches and mini-pump belong in the portable survival kit.

As far as which bike is better, I am strongly biased for the hybrid (mnt+cruiser) style. Having two 2006 Schwinn Skyliners, I'm very pleased with the shock absorption from the front fork (they have an excellent front suspension). These shock absorbers are also very helpful when making emergency braking manuvuers, because the whole bike absorbs the shock, and helps to prevent tendencies for ejecting the rider over the handlbars. The older Skyliners also are solid AND lightweight, and are well-known for having reliably "true" tires. The older Skyliners are also stylish and share many of the comfort features that cruisers have.

In my opinion, the 2008 Skyliners, like most of the other 2008 Schwinn models, have degenerated into the mainstream style. From the newer Schwinns that I see on the racks in the stores, they don't have enough room to mount a 2-cycle engine. I also feel as though they are beginning to look like "Huffies". I hope that this trend is only temporary, much like the temporary changes that Harley Davidson had back in the early eighties, when AMF was running the show.

Hybrid gets my vote.

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