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Default Re: 80cc 2 stroke kits

You might be hydro locked if it won't spin over. If your float needle is leaking it will fill the bottom end with fuel mix and essentially sieze it. Does it leave a wet spot under the exhaust? Take the spark plug out and see how it peddles with the clutch out. See if the plug is sparking while your at it.
Basic law of internal combustion engines #1proper air/fuel mix #2 compression (100 psi or more) #3 ignition at the proper time, and exhaust. If your missing any one of these it will not run.
You'll have to do systematic trouble shooting. Always start with the basic simple stuff! Does it have gas to the carb, is the carb clean and not flooding the motor out.Are all your manifolds tightened. Get a quality spark plug and wire and see if you have spark.I've seen champions spark outside the motor but not spark under compression on many occasions. Disconnect the kill switch to see if that's shorting out the electrical. If the motor isn't turning over properly then you have a diferent set of problems. There's a trouble shooting thread on this forum, look it up and follow it.
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