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Default Re: Big trouble on little bike

For one high octane gas would just take your money and probably leave you with less power, use 87 - 89. These are low compression motors, most 6:1. For what you are saying I would stay with the stock gear to be able to hit 30. BTW 30 is about the max with a 44t gear but will still have power to take some hills. You will probably see less being about 27-28. If you need to climb high hills you need to rethink your gearing and take a bit off the top end. Go to anything higher than a 44t like a 52t or somthing in between, just remember you will never hit 30 with anything less than a 44t(and thats pretty much red lining). Now on the other had if you have a bike with gears and you can spend some more cash the get a shift kit. That will let you do what ever you want. Low end, mid power, high end. BTW if your dad is putting anything over 93 octane in his GTO on a stock motor he is just emptying his wallet faster than he is hitting the quarter mile. Tuned motor thats a different story. Good luck and have fun.
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