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Default which bike to get?

so tomorrow im going to pick up a bike for my first build, out of the ones i can afford these 2 are the ones im most interested in. Genesis 29" Men's Mountain Bike: Bikes & Riding Toys Hiland Spark Men's Hybrid City Bike: Bikes & Riding Toys

i plan on just using the bike to get around in city for the most part and a few longer trips later in the summer.

i'm leaning towards the 29" because it seems a bit more heavy duty, and i like the disc breaks, but im worried the muffler/exhaust mite not fit since the tires are pretty big.

i do like the other bike just not ass much.

anyone see any big reasons to go with 1 over the other that i haven't thought of?

the 26" is an alloy frame, the 29" is unspecified so i'm kinda worried about the 26"s frame.

if anyone could provide me with links to 26"+ mountain bikes with steel frames under $250 or so that would be great, im interested in the workman that was posted but i kinda like to have multiple gears as well, and don't like coaster brakes.

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