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Default Re: Is a billet pulley available?

Originally Posted by scotto- View Post
Not too get into debate here Tom, but this set-up is as smooth and quiet as a baby's bum. Double bearings with very little tension as you can see by the angle of the chain....a skateboard wheel or urethane roller are really no better, but equal in the outcome ie. noise and vibration. I've tried them all.
No argument from me, Scotto. I think what Geoff and I are saying is that a wheel, pully, will be noisy. You're using a sprocket. That's different...lots different than having chain links hit and rattle over a solid piece of metal which might or might not rotate freely with the friction of the chain riding across it.
By the way...I like your design. Industrial applications typically use a sprocket on chain tensioner/guides. Absolutely nothing wrong with the concept.
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