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Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Dunno - been a couple few thousand miles & I've not had that problem *shrug* perhaps it's cause I didn't use a beer can lol

Srsly tho, if the rolled up can fits flush w/the bottom of the tank and the cap - it's "locked" in place. If the fuel manages to slosh hard enough to dislodge it... either it didn't fit well enough in the first place or... ya jus' hit something so hard the last thing yer gonna care about is a sheet of scrap aluminum in yer fuel tank
Maybe perforate the can a little and notch the bottom as well would help if filling up at the pump is required. And yeah, I don't see the can baffle moving any if it's locked in place like that. My rear rack/tank has baffles built in. I still like this idea.
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