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Wink Re: Is a billet pulley available?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
A metal tensioner wheel? Wow, talk about noise and vibration...Barley Awake is right. It won't matter how well the roller, wheel, pulley, whatever you want to call it spins, there's still going to be a lot of noise produced.
Use the seach feature, type in 'tensioner wheel' and see what others have done. To date, a good quality urethane skate board, roller blade wheel is the best option. You'll need to groove it to fit the chain so stay away from the coated, two layer type, they come apart, but a one piece wheel works great. Quiet and they last "for-e-ver"...(scene from 'The Sand Lot')
Not too get into debate here Tom, but this set-up is as smooth and quiet as a baby's bum. Double bearings with very little tension as you can see by the angle of the chain....a skateboard wheel or urethane roller are really no better, but equal in the outcome ie. noise and vibration. I've tried them all.
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