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Default Re: Firmstrong (ha) first ride

I just got my drive line decently aligned. I suspect the best way to get the most power from a China Girl is to eliminate the resistance of the chain drive and intake/exhaust restriction. My ZB cylinder ports looked surprisingly smooth, but the intake manifold needed a Dremel very badly. Exhaust was almost as shockingly restrictive. The standard tensioner is solid and malleable enough to get it coplanar. I can't believe how smooth it is compared to the rag joint. That Creative Engineering adapter is magic!

If the rain stops on one of my rare days off, I'll post the results of my many many hours of fussing. I appreciate the many improvements I've learned here. I hope to contribute.

Finally got to ride and I'm amazed how much more powerful it is. I live on a hill that overwhelmed the bike last time out with a 44T sprocket, but after reshaping the manifold and pipe, cleaning up the chain line and even dropping to a 40T, it zooms up the hill!

Now to put on that Avid disk brake...

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