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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Another one is the derailer is not selecting the gears proplery and you've tried all the adjustment screws, cable tension, chain length, etc.
Just check that your derailer is straight when in the lower gears.
Commonly on most bikes I've seen there is a little bracket sort of thingy that the derailer holding bolt goes through and is threaded.
The flat face of that threaded hole that the bolt goes through needs to be as dead flat as the rim.
Picture this the threaded hole where the bolt screws into is apart of the bracket.. Instead of that bracket being as small as it is try to imagine it being the same size as say your rim. With this in mind that bracket and the rim should be parallel wether it be checked at 10degrees, 120degrees any degrees.
This probably doesnt make too much sense but I know what I'm talking about..LOL

On another note though if your cables run along the top tube and the tank is then sitting on top make sure the tank isnt giving any resistance on the cables inbetween coz that one will throw ya out of whack too.
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