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Default Re: mnt bike vs cruiser...

How is everyone solving the braking issues with a Cruiser? It seems like most cruisers only come with a coaster brake. I'm giving the Felt cruisers a very hard look, and love the fact that they come standard with 12ga spokes and lots of style. If I install a Sturmey-Archer front drum, I've just added more money to already primo bike, and thrown away the first set of perfectly good spokes.

I'm also a little bummed that some of the nicest looking cruisers come with 3" wheels, and I don't think they'll work with the GEBE drive ring.

I've even thought about buying just a Felt frame, then ordering a set of Worksman wheels complete with drum brakes. I guess I could always buy a complete Felt bike and just set the factory wheels aside and install Worksmans.
Is there an "easy route" that I'm missing here?
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