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Default Re: staton friction 2 year report

I have a Staton robin suburu powered friction drive on a Chicago built Schwinn Mesa Runner hybrid. I use 2" Bontrager slick tires. I have over 5000 miles in 3 years without a flat. I average about 1000 miles on a tire with thorn proof tubes. 36 spoke heavy duty wheels. I still have the same roller. The secret to riding a friction drive you have to peddle up to speed before you hit that throttle or you'll burn the tire plus you have to keep your tire pressure up to the maximum psi that's on the tire or it will slip on the rim and cut the valve stem. With low pressure you will pinch the tube. I will admit they are not the best to ride in the rain but that's what you've got peddles for. if you do a lot of riding in the rain you best go to a chain drive.
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