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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Score Hammond! cool

Played with the mixture screw. Huge difference. Smooth and idles sweet! Aside from that, not a thing. (does getting gas count? snork) Pretty much rode around all after noon doing nutton but grin.

This is by far my favorite build. Just butter smooth, with half the calories. The springer forks are a now must have part of my builds. The cheap kmart bicycle is awesome and gonna buy a few more. Never did finish shoring up rear fender aside from the strap.

Stopped to see some buddies and drop off their presents. (Holiday's) We are talking about renting or buying a barn or old factory to use as a shop and store. Is to be called the "Man-Cave" Sort of a used car, scooter, ATV, MC, tools, junk, ultralight aircraft and motorized bicycles store geared and with a target consumer of folks like us here. Ya know, the not quite right and half a bubble off plumb crowd. (hehe, that's gonna be in the mission statement)

MBs. Got off of work and was tired. Not unhappy at all but not thrilled with it all either. Before getting out of the drive way was ecstatic and just happy about it all. Bunch of stuff I won't bore you with goes great and every thing is better with a sunny day and a cool MB.

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