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Default Re: Best toolkit for longer trips?

ok heres what i have always attached to my bike and im so glad that i do when i need em

allen wrench multy tool

screw drivers flat and phillips

10, 15 and two 13 mm wrenches and several cresent wrenches

extra tubes

air pump

brake pads

fuel line

duct tape


and a knife

now thats all dandy for bike tools but if your lke me you also include a survival kit when you leave the house consisting of

rain gear

extra socks

water proof socks

hat gloves


fire starting stuff including magnesium striker cotton and vasoline several types of lighters butane zippo and bics matches and usually aanother pair of gloves for gathering kidling and wood

i carry alot with me most guys dont really have to worry about it but its cold here and starting a fire and staying dry is very imprtant to survival

anyway i have more miscellaneous stuff but that is the gest of it different seasons have different tools and such
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