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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Some doo-dads started arriving. I tapped the head for 1/4" NPT, put in a nipple and check valve (running the reverse direction). The check valve was supposed to be a high pressure, high temp valve but the stop "ball" was plastic. Huh?? Well maybe a hi-temp plastic? But I don't think it will work because the actuator rod (top of a Briggs tappet stem) will be rapidly banging against it (tappet rides on top of the piston). Soo ... went to hardware store and got a steel ball bearing, disassembled the check valve and threw out the plastic thing that was actually a half ball that slides on a brass rod, drilled out the rod and removed it, dropped in the ball bearing and it sits nicely in the check valve bevel seat. The way it works is, the piston comes up with the tappet sitting on top. The tappet stem pushes up on the check valve ball and lets steam in which forces the piston and tappet down and the ball is closed by steam pressure behind it. There's supposed to be enough lag in the steam charge when the tappet pushes up on the ball to allow the piston to lead the incoming charge enough to throw the crank in the appropriate direction. Actually, this rig should run equally well in reverse. So this is how the steam inlet valve is shaping up:

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