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Default Re: Ice Rider

o.O lol

While I've still not bothered to do this myself, I was yappin' with a buddy that works at the local bike shop about this and he had what I thought to be a pretty good tip - takin' the same sized street tire & cutting the bead ofn' it, then stuffin' it in the studded knobby to protect the tube from all the screw heads. It seems simple & guaranteed to work lol

Still, here's another Maine winter & I've still not bothered to stud the tires on my daily driver *shrug* Would it help? Prolly... Would it help enough to be worth the effort? ...dunno, I've not tried it lol - I jus' run knobbies w/as many lil lugs as possible & it seems to work good 'nuff

I will say they look evil as all get-out
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