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Default Here are some mods i did to my build!

Here instead of depending on the pin that is keeping the throttle stationary, I drilled a hole through the throttle handle and used a machine screw to secure it in place...let's see that break off!


In these two pics, you'll notice the self-tapping screws in the center of the gas tank clamps. This was the only guaranteed solution for keeping the tank in place and to prevent it from moving side to side! You'll also notice that I used two of each: nut/washer/locking washer on both the top and bottom of each of the four threaded stud from the gas tank. I also did this for the U-Bolt motor mount clamp. I like to do this so the there is no play when tightening the nuts and it serves as a preventative measure for overtightening.

This is the upgraded Spark Plug wire with a flexible rubber boot (definately a plus). The wire is a lead wire which is a better conductor than the one that comes with the motor kit. With this wire, there is no need to unscrew the tip of your spark plug . Less brain damage if you decide to upgrade your spark plug later on. I was told at the auto store, that the spark plug included with the kit is in actuality a better spark plug due to the fact it has three tips. So I'm going to stick with it for now.

This is the motor mount I fabricated from a thick peice of angle aluminum stock. Prior to this one, I had designed one from two blocks of Aluminum which I would call the Hercules of all motor mount clamps, but it was too large.
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