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Originally Posted by Mista Fyde View Post
Thanks, glad to be part of the forum! As for that hammer trick, I will try that method today. Hope all goes well!
Make sure your clutch cable is properly adjusted before going too far with other fixes.
You'll want no slack in the cable where it attaches to the clutch actuator arm on the engine. Move the arm in with one hand and pull the cable through the slot on the end with the other and tighten the cable stop. I know, it take three hands to do that but with some practice you can do it with two. Many first time builders will underestimate the amount of pressure it takes to disengage the clutch and how much actual leverage is provided by the handlebar lever/cable.
It is not uncommon to find clutch pads stuck from the factory so you might have to use the hammer method or loosen the clutch pressure plate in sever circumstances.
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