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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

ok so update on my motorized bicycle i was too lazy too pedal start my motor so i used a power drill and a socket on the mag bolt to turn eer over

it took a long time to start and the entire crank case was full of gas cause it all came spewing out but after a while i got it started then after about four or five minutes it died i went to check on it and the fuel was leaking ou the carb so i drained the tank completly took apart the carb and found nothing wrong the needle valve was seeling perfectly fine and the float was water proof so i put it back together and it stoped leaking

i didnt find anything inside so i assume condensation froze or something im gonna start putting heat in my fuel every tank full to protect from flooding

i didnt really have enough time to put it together before work so i bummed a ride

tommorow its supposed to be really windy out there i cant wait 0 degrees wind and then more wind from going fast
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