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Default Re: Anybody read this article about motor bicycles?

Originally Posted by thine82 View Post
YouTube - 100_5877.MOV
me on mad thats what people used to call it but the cops never gave me a second look ..
and notice that it is as loud as the car .. well you can hear the car at the tree and then hear me at that same spot.. or am i just going nuts?>??
That sounded pretty quiet.. That bike of mine in the picture made it to its second motor and in the end had about 10,000 miles on it. It started out as single speed then with the second engine I went with the J Shaft. The J shaft was never mounted correctly in the front of the motor. that in turn finally cracked part of the motor block. In better words that horse is out to pasture now..

The over abundance of oil on the bike, new tennis shoes getting black etc, and about a case of brake cleaner later I had a fit and took the first thing I found and crammed it Vy a welder to the back of the pipe pictured. It did not help the tuning of the tuned pipe and at the time did not really care. The darn thing would still do a strong 35 miles an hour with 240 pounds of my carcass on it..

This was my first bike I got gooder Ideas now. I never really did car much about this biked and it truly showed in the end.

Here are my thoughts on a Morini pipe after suffering something very loud! In this thread some folks were trying to tame the clutch so to speak in an effort not to rev a noisy motor long brutal story lol. I do not want to disturb my air flow on my next tuned pipes..

A large diameter pipe after the tuned pipe going a good well planned wrap around the bike [maybe 2 1/2 feet of it] with many well placed baffles. Every time sound is forced to go through a 90 degree bend it gets Quieter! Wrapping the pipe into the bike coincidently makes a 90 degree bends happen..

Picture washers perhaps that have one third of them cut off then tack welded in a array of piping where their over lapping forces the sound to make a 90 degree bend. The larger the pipe the more baffles can be used because it will still breath. That's my theory. I am pretty darn sure of it too.

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
With out making anyone mad from noise or annoying myself at all what so ever.

I mean if you give it enough throttle the clutch will grab every time...
It will be evident when you find out ya have to hold on to the bike....

Speaking through the Key board here but this is exactly what I want in my next build.[single speed] A true obnoxious hot rod but a very quiet one. If that sounds right.

Most of my riding only needs to be about 25 to 40 miles an hour. I want to make 35 about my upper sweet spot at least for now dunno that is what I want to set up for myself and my terrain I think. I have not tried a 9.4 horse power beast yet 5.8 was sweet can't wait! 6 k lock up Wheely time!!

I have a kick butt ho-made muffler system [and air box plastic] planned out of large diameter pipe. Two sound deadening 90 degree angles sending the pipe[conforming to the bike] to the opposite rear of the bike with many baffles well placed through out. This will let the engine breath good I think and be as quiet as a little Honda generator. [I am hoping] I will want to share! I will prolly use Dean's pipe I already have. Sadly I am a long way from getting all my parts & $ in order .
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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