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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Try the old 'hammer' trick before disassembling the clutch.
Remove the clutch actuator cover. There is a steel pin protruding from the center of the engine drive sprocket. Use a plastic head hammer or a block of hardwood and give that pin a few whacks with the hammer. Don't beat it to death or use metal to metal but don't baby it either.
Many times the clutch pads will 'pop' loose if you simply push the clutch actuator arm in as far as it will go. The spring is strong so you might need to wrap a rag around the arm and use your hand. Caution: Do not beat on the arm with a hammer, just the pin in the sprocket.
If the clutch still will not come free then you can try the other side but you'll need to readjust the clutch after taking it apart.
Welcome to the forum! As for the sticking clutch try this..
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