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Default Re: Anybody read this article about motor bicycles?

goat herder is that a vaccum line or something like that to a car?? that is near close to the idea of a DBSNORKEL..
cogi i made the posts about a water exhaust and i am currently trying to figure out how to make it better so i can have more water in it and not drown the motor.. but welding and making the pipes is difficult for me as that i have no help and no way to get to a shop.

look at my pics and ask questions if you like.. yes i also stuffed real steal wool into it so it would make it quiet coming out of the bike alittle more.. and no it did not hurt my bike.. 500 miles and still running strong except for the things i broke.. i am rough with my bike.. Motorized Bicycle Forum - thine82's Album: check out the bikes i have built .. A RIDING PACK..

REMEMBER there is two pages.. look at all the pics blown up if you have time.. think i just thought of another way to make them better .. gotta try in the morning..
goat herder.. do you have video with it running before and after.. i could give you the decibles of it .. i think i have a program that will do it.. but gotta check..
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