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My name is Stephen and I live in Lake Worth, Florida. I have been considering a motorized bicycle for quite some time and finally decided to go ahead and purchase the 2010 Grubee Skyhawk 66cc Angle Motor Kit. The bike of choice is a Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser. I did some custom motor mount work and installed the motor, clutch cable, rear wheel sprocket and chain and everything looks good so far. I'm not quite finished because the muffler is in the way of the pedals, so I'm going to have to take it to an exhaust place to have them rework it. I'm also having problems with disengaging the clutch. With everything double and triple-checked, adusted and tightened properly, the clutch just don't want to disengage and allow me to pedal the bike freely.

I read some of the other threads on here and I'm going to try the methods suggested by other members to see if I can resolve this problem. Your suggestions are more than welcome, especially if you had this issue while building your bike!



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