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Default Re: V-8 Gas Tank

for 40 bucks i could make one out of a hi-performance Dole Grapefruit Juice can (the acid in the grapefuit residue helps to atomize the gas, and also acts as a catalyst to speed up the blending of oil and fuel.)

i'll use the best gas cap and bung i can find on an old salt shaker (the extra holes are for venting.)

the petcock isn't necessary, i'll just JB weld a fuel line in place while i'm JB welding the bung on.

i only use the highest quality shoelaces for mounting straps.

for an additional charge, i'll custom paint it, too (as long as i can pick the color.) i have a revolutionary new painting technique. i get whatever unwanted custom color Home depot has in the bargain bin (usually a pea green) and dunk the tank right in the can. as an added bonus, the latex house paint will seal the inside like a tank liner (this may or may not affect the grapefruit acid atomization process...)

i take paypal.
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