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Default Re: Front Fender Problem

Hi Gang, I had wanted to comment here, but things have been very rough here.

Ok, no here's the drill, IF your bike has ANY part that shakes like a wet dog, STUDY that part, and determine what action will reduce, or even stop the vibration.

I have seen several of these types of bikes damaged in exactly the same manner as this one, and ALL of the riders were pretty banged up in the process.

Believe it or not, the very first such front-wheel fender fiasco I have seen was none other than Steve Miller, of SpitFire, probably 6-7 years ago, in his case it was a fender brace, cracked at the point where it went fromn the stamped shape, to flat, and, as it let go, it skewered the front wheel, and he was end-over!

4 years later Carl at about 73 years old, on the very first of Grube's 4-strokes, had a brace give way, skewering the wheel, lauching him over the bars, took 3-4 months before he could ride again, the bike was toast, kit was OK.

WallyWorld sold some cheap Huffy's, I forget the model, and I saw somewhat less than 5 of those turn into catapults.

The bike in the picture COULD have been saved IF, as Noogoodnic says, the L-bracket were replaced AND that a second front brace were added.

I will NEVER do a motorbicycle with only one true brace on the front fender.

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