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Originally Posted by darkhawk22 View Post
These are a great idea, someone should start selling these either on the forum or on eBay. I've seen some around but they are way too expensive. They should be around the same price as the other tanks available, say around $30-40 for a quality built one with cap and valve.
Yes, that's a great idea. A really good one with a great quality cap and bung plus petcock, silver soldered and all for $30-$40.00. How about if you do it and you can make a bundle of money? After all, it's just a can, right? Make a bunch, get really good at it and then let us know how soon we can place our orders. I think you would lose interest quickly in this as a get rich quick scheme. It is interesting to me how the same people who get paid well for showing up at work think artisans should do quality hand work for a couple bucks an hour. It is why I don't solicit commissions to make tanks. If someone asks and wants one of mine then we can talk about it. If you want a really cheap tank stick with kit ones, found ones or make your own, but don't expect someone to make a quality, labor intensive tank for you for next to nothing and then stand behind it.
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