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Default Re: Anybody read this article about motor bicycles?

Originally Posted by buzbikebklyn1 View Post
<Eyeballs the new Morini S6T and SPB expansion chamber sitting on his bench.....
Hmmmm... bigger silencer... stainless steel... re packable.
That'n is a noise maker.. The Morini is about 1.5 times louder than a China 2 smoke in my experience I am on a quest to make one as quiet as a Honda generator not easy!

They are telling some real and genuine truths in the article. How ever I can see a we tad bit of hater coming out of it. When I am sitting in my house I can hear some cars occasionally come by. Some of my China riding friends I don't hear them coming up. One of them has one of the quietest tuned pipes I ever saw though. I can see the noise side of this equation..

I had a pipe on my first china rider I eventually came up with in combination with the SBP tuned pipe, I ran a pipe to the the very back of the bike [sick of oil accumulation] from the rear of the SBP pipe. Coincidentally It was as quiet as a Honda generator I was very proud of that one. The way I did it prolly stole a little power tho upset the tuning. It was way quieter than stock.. Honda generators don't sound like dirt bikes.. They were made to go camping with where you can sit and play cards comradeship and here your self think.

I like to be able to hear the creaks and rattles in my bikes. That's just my personal preference to be very quiet.. Also when I left the grocery store I did not feel like little old lady's were going to hit the curb dodging me [only seams happen right when I start it up when it was stock]. I do see the part where folks turn their heads tho.

On my D.I.Y. Morini jobber due to the rear suspension restraints I never did get a good muffler on it. I eventually ran it with out one and it could wake the dead! It was really nice for awhile for one main reason. When I was going down the road at 35 plus they could hear me and see me. I never did get a close call. Loud enough to get past their personal car stereo while they had their windows up..

You know that part where a car[ cuts you off] pulling into the main road you are barreling down and never bats a eye.. They speed off like it never happened.

I can see where electric riders are gonna have a different time here! And get into a terrible accident. They'll need a loud speaker making motor noises lol.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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